Improve Reliability and Control Distribution System Dynamics with OptiSensors™

The difference between conventional distribution monitoring devices and OptiSensors™ is like comparing signaling devices to MRIs.

With OptiSensors™, engineers get an extremely detailed, real-time view of distribution system dynamics as they occur – not in retrospect after a truck has rolled. 

For instance, for Demand Response and Volt/VAR Control initiatives to be successful, a high average accuracy is needed.

For Conservation Voltage Optimization, measurements such as power factor correction, accurate voltages across the feeder, high dynamic current range, and fast operational responses are required.

To improve Power Quality, high frequency response and high sampling rates are critical to identify transients and harmonics. To accurately determine fault locations, utilities need precise measurement of feeder fault impedance before rolling restoration trucks.

Medium voltage OptiSensors™ give you this critical intelligence.

  • OptiSensors™ measure voltage, current and power factor on all 3 phases of distribution feeders through patented, optical crystal technology that take and store 15,000 measurements per second.
  • OptiSensors™ are highly accurate (± 0.5%) – versus competitive sensors with accuracy of ± 5%.
  • OptiSensors™ are low-cost, lightweight (8-10 lbs), and can typically be installed in less than 3 man-hours.
  • OptiSensors™ require no service interruption to install.


Distribution planners are challenged by new conditions affecting performance (capacity constraints, changing load profiles, distributed generation, renewables, etc.). To address these challenges, OptiSense provides two versions of the OptiSensors in a variety of voltage classes.

  • The OptiSense voltage-only sensor accurately measures line to ground voltage.
  • The OptiSense combo sensor accurately measures both line current (including direction of flow) and line to ground voltage.

Both sensor types are available in the 15kV, 25kV and 35kV classes. The 46kV class sensors are currently in development and will be available soon.


OptiSensor™ Electrical Performance

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OptiSensor™ Environmental Performance

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